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Debt Validation

What is Debt Validation?

Debt validation is process that allows the debtor to challenge the creditors’ legal
authority to collect on the debt allegedly owed by the debtor.
When an
unsecured account is sent to collections, it is done so without any of the original
paperwork, which the collector is required by law to have, in order to collect from
the debtor. Additionally, the collection agency never lent any money to the
debtor, nor has a loss of the amount originally owed by the debtor or have any
previous business with the debtor. Without the proper documentation the debt
is deemed invalid if challenged by the debtor. Once a debt is classified as invalid
it cannot legally be reported on the debtor’s credit report.

What is Debt Resolution?

Debt resolution is a debt relief program that uses several processes in progression
to completely resolve a client’s unsecured debts
. It can include debt dispute
where the debtor disputes at least one thing about a debt to stop any collection
or reporting activity while the creditor verifies the disputed inaccuracy. It can
include debt validation. It can include FDCPA, FCRA and FCBA enforcement which
looks for violations of the debtor’s rights and can be used to sue the creditor for
debt dismissal, account deletion from the credit report, and even damages
awarded to the debtor. It also includes settlement should the debt be deemed
valid, or the client is served a summons on any account. The goal of the program
is complete resolution of the accounts enrolled along with removal of debt from
the client’s credit report.

How does it differ from other debt programs?

Debt resolution combines most of the other debt relief programs into one process
to make sure all of the client’s accounts are resolved. LPG’s program uses the
power of attorneys that specialize in helping clients get out of debt.
Their years of
experience allow the client peace of mind in knowing that their accounts will be
resolved one way or another. If LPG is unsuccessful in resolving the client’s
accounts, they will refund the fees the client paid for that particular account. It
also includes removal of the invalidated accounts as part of the process.

Who does it benefit?

The LPG Legal Debt Resolution program benefits anybody that wants to get out of
unsecured debt.
It benefits those clients that fell behind for one reason or
another and don’t know how to ever get the collection agencies off their back.
Their accounts are quickly invalidated and the collection activity stopped. Even if
the client has litigation against them, LPG is set up to quickly answer that and get
it resolved for the client. It benefits those clients that are robbing Peter to pay
Paul. They are at the limit of their accounts and are getting nowhere with their
minimum payments as that’s all they can afford. It benefits clients that have a
large amount of debt that even with more than the minimum payments are
seeing very little reduction in their balances. These types of clients see the value
in finally being debt free while paying back a portion of their balances, saving
them thousands in principle and interest and getting them out of debt in 2-3
years rather than 50+ years. The program will work for anyone that has
unsecured debt.

What is the typical client?

The typical client is someone with a credit card usage of at least 80% that can see
that they will soon be at their limit with nowhere to go
. Or a client that fell behind
due to one reason or another and just doesn’t know how to get the collection
agencies to stop calling and demanding payment.

Who is LPG?

Litigation Practice Group is a law firm that specializes in debt relief options for
their clients.
They have over 30 years of experience and attorneys in all 50 states
to handle any case for any client enrolled in their program. Their process includes
several different avenues and hundreds of resources to achieve the client’s goal
of becoming debt free. The have contingencies for any, and all needs of the client
and any direction the creditors pursue to resolve the debts.

Why is LPG a great program?

Because they truly care about doing what’s best for the client and providing a
complex program designed to help all clients eliminate their unsecured debt.
have the resources and knowledge to accomplish what the client hired them for:
to get them out of debt in the quickest and least expensive way while still giving
them a fresh start in their financial lives. LPG has partnered with leaders in the
financial relief and education industry to provide not only interactive programs
designed to educate clients on financial awareness but also how credit cards
work, how credit works, and what rights they have as debtors.

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